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A Fresh Approach To Help You Discover the Wisdom of the Tarot

In Tarot Training Level 1 you will learn how to interpret the 22 cards of the Major Arcana from a Tarot deck. The structure and the symbols of the Tarot Cards are clearly explained in a step by step progression and you will quickly familiarise yourself with the meaning of each Card. This course includes the famous ‘Tirage en Croix’ Cross spread.

In Tarot Training Level 2 you are now ready to learn the 56 cards of the Minor Arcana.  I will give you essential symbolic keys to help you interpret all the Minor Arcana with ease. Each card will be explained in depth. This course also includes Tarot Reading Worksheets, Exercises and Quizes.

In Tarot Training Level 3 I present a range of Spreads with the whole deck of 78 cards. These go from simple Spreads such as 1, 2 or 3 card Readings to more elaborate ones such as the Celtic Cross spread. Many examples are provided to build your reading skills. I have included Downloads for spreads that you can use for your own Tarot Readings.

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What my clients are saying...

"My confidence in doing Tarot readings has grown massively!"

"These are the best tutorials I have seen on learning Tarot card reading! I was curious about the Tarot for many years and did not know where to start but when I discovered Tarot Training I quickly found all the information I needed. I really enjoyed the course and I often repeat and review the videos from time to time as needed. Claudie is a very experienced teacher who is helpful and approachable. She takes you right from the beginning then you steadily build your knowledge at your own pace. Even though I am fairly new to the Tarot I can now easily recall all the things I need to know!”

"I enjoyed the course very much"

I took the Complete Tarot course (Three levels). I enjoyed the course very much as I found it provided the perfect amount of detail and information without being overwhelming. The videos provided clear information about each card which made it easy to remember. The different card spread examples at the end of the course provide a good platform to start reading the tarot cards. The instructor Claudie Planche is clearly knowledgeable in this field and provided her insights throughout the course. Overall, this course was very enjoyable and well worth the cost.
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